Studeo 55

Studeo55 is a training centre like no other located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The 15,000 square foot indoor training facility offers its members a world class fitness experience. Opening in 2004, Studeo55’s mission has always been “to create a thriving training center where teammates and members embrace and realize inspired goals.”

Studeo55 prides itself on its team-based approach to fitness and health. Our team mates all come from competitive team sport backgrounds where teamwork and investment in the common goal are firmly engrained from an early age. We believe that no one individual can match the overall experience that an entire dedicated team can provide . It is the interdependence and collaboration of our team mates that makes the magic happen for our clients and members.

Our desire for excellence is what binds us at the most basic level. We have always strived to be second to none and that sentiment permeates all facets of our business whether it is private training, semi private training, team training, physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic or holistic nutrition. Passion for our respective crafts, and the associated benefit of creating meaningful relationships with people we help, is at the forefront of our continued appetite for excellence.

Interested in joining Studeo55?

As a member of Studeo55 you can take advantage of our facility and our health group. For more information follow the links below.